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Through the Storm

Tess Burrows
Aug 30, 2020

I send everyone love and light as we continue with this time of cleansing and healing for ourselves and our planet with all its resulting storms.

My personal injuries this year have forced me to "Turn inwards through the storm and find the stillness". First there was a rugby-ball bash wrecking fingers. Followed by cutting off a thumb. Then there was all the covid stuff. And now I have a broken shoulder (fell off a tipping-up log in a waterfall!). Mostly I never break anything (except ribs of course!). So I've been learning to do everything one-handed, to sleep sitting up, and like many others to cancel 'normal' life and learn patience... contemplating the instruction "Stay as still as possible for 30 days..." (though I'm looking at tyre-pulling which wasn't on the list of banned activities...)

Putting energy into the healing process...

Focussing on the inner work.

Could it be that experiencing pain and frustration shows the importance of sending compassion to others and to the planet? What we send out from our hearts is so powerful...

Could it be that feeling vulnerable helps us really appreciate how good we feel at other times... confident, strong, invincible, happy?

Could it be that even the systems of the world have to be broken to be able to heal back stronger?

I'm sure that this healing and all the changes it entails will bring our Earth into a wonderful new world. But I feel that with so many differing ideas flying about at the moment, we must listen in to our own individual truth.

My truth says the most important thing is to simply hold love and light...

Heal back stronger...

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