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Soft Courage - Book by Tess Burrows

Don't Blame The Yeti

"This latest feast of a book is just gorgeous!" Joanna Lumley

A delightful fictional story, based on Tess' personal journey walking across the Himalayas, following the Karnali River up through north west Nepal into today's Tibet and around the legendary Mount Kailas. It is written for youngsters but young-at-heart adults are greatly enjoying it too.

Join 12 yr old Torma who makes an impulsive promise to take on a quest to find the heart of a country and a lost penguin. Along the way it also becomes a vital secret mission to protect the planet from Shady Forces.

"A perfectly wonderful good read. The story moved me to tears." MBW

"Best book I've read. Can't put it down..." Saskia

"A superb story with wonderful details of Tibetan life. I thoroughly enjoyed it" GDS

"A lovely tale with a powerful message..." AP

"Uplifting... Go far and wide to touch many hearts and minds, children and adults alike. Perfect for this time" VGS

£9.99 + Free UK Postage

Soft Courage - Book by Tess Burrows

Soft Courage

"Uplifting... a charming, wise-but-humble book" - Amazon

In a busy and complex world, Soft Courage is a simple and inspiring tale. It reminds us of the things that matter and make people and the planet a better place. 

It is told through the eyes of Yannick - a soft-toy penguin. Together with Tess, "My Human", Yannick takes on real-life challenges: hanging precariously on the rock face overlooking Rio for 11 days, biking the length of Britain and tackling peace climbs on far-flung Andean and Himalayan mountains. Their ultimate mission: to raise funds for Tibet and to promote peace on Earth. 

Tess tells Yannick's story as he battles with his ego and overcomes adversity to learn principles inspired by Tibetan wisdom: courage, compassion, friendship, inner peace, humility, determination, oneness and insight. Is Yannick's journey a reflection of Tess's adventure through life and can these principles, mixed with loss and love, lead to eventual happiness?    see feedback

£9.99 + FREE UK Postage

Touch the Sky - Book by Tess Burrows

Touch the Sky

Read how Tess and the team tackle Mt Kilimanjaro, in Africa’s heartland.

This was not to be just a climb.  To test the strength of their resolve they chose to pull behind them an additional burden, a car tyre, which included Peace Messages from every nation on Earth – embodying their desire for everyone to pull together to promote Peace.

It had never been done before. What if your passion were to push you to the limits of human endeavour?

“...this uplifting book makes you feel you can take on the world!” CHLOE HAYWARD

“This story brings to light how to reach high places -don’t say no!”DOUG SCOTT CBE

“...a very personal, touching and illuminating story…” VIRGINIA McKENNA OBE

“This inspirational writing helps me access my inner strength.” MARGARET COLES

“As a mountaineer I know the tremendous efforts here.” NEVILLE SHULMAN CBE

“I urge everyone to read this book.” Sir JONATHAN PORRITT CBE

£9.99 + FREE UK Postage

Cold Hands Warm Heart - Book by Tess Burrows

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

The incredible story of Tess and Pete - two old age pensioners- and their inspiring journey across the coldest, driest, windiest place on Earth -  to the Geographic South Pole.

Their goal was to read out Peace Messages at the southernmost tip of the globe, which they took with them on behalf of people from all corners of the world. The mission was to promote peace on Earth, and this book charts their highs and lows as they hauled themselves and their kit across the Antarctic continent to fulfil their promise.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

How far would you go to realise a dream?

“The astonishing courage and humour of Tess Burrows makes this terrifying journey a joy to follow.” JOANNA LUMLEY

“These pages offer inspiration to put in the extra mile” SIR RANULPH FIENNES OBE

“The spirit of adventure doesn’t get much tougher than this.” BEN FOGLE

£9.99 + FREE UK Postage

Cry From the Highest Mountain - Book by Tess Burrows

Cry From the Highest Mountain

Driven by the desire to help Tibet, Tess decided to climb to the highest place on Earth, 2,150 metres higher than Everest, to broadcast thousands of Peace Messages she had collected from people of all ages.

Gathering a small team, including, Migmar, a young Tibetan who had never climbed before, Tess set off on her mission. She recounts her inner and outer journeys, including the multiple synchronicities that seemed to validate her quest in mysterious ways.  

 The extreme challenge to both body and mind pushed Tess towards the ultimate point within herself as she neared the ultimate point on Earth, relative to the planetary core.

“I am pleased to offer my prayers to ‘Climb For Tibet’ and all it touches” DALAI LAMA

“This is an enthralling journey of courage and endurance” JOANNA LUMLEY

“A remarkable tale challenging us to go beyond our day to day thoughts” URI GELLER

“High adventure for climbers and non-climbers alike” DOUG SCOTT CBE

"I thoroughly enjoyed the story.... It was so well written that I swear I could feel a sense of the bitter coldness and exhaustion you were experiencing in pursuit of your goal. It shows the true potential of the human spirit, of how much we can truly endure in the name of love, hope and compassion. You have inspired me so much.'"K.U.

"Truly wonderful. I learnt so much from it especially regarding the Tibetan struggle." D.G.

£9.99 + FREE UK Postage


DONATIONS are warmly appreciated, THANK YOU. They help balance out the world.

We have raised over £177,000 in the last 20 years. Six schools have been built in Tibet, along with other educational, humanitarian and environmental projects. We like to ‘give back’ to the country where we are undergoing our current Peace Climb. For example during the Africa Climb, funds were sent to a school in Tanzania and a Maasai community tree-planting project. (100% of funds donated are sent to the projects. We take no fees.)


Choose from 3 charities to SPONSOR Tess&team's 600 mile cycle to Glasgow:-
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- DISABLED SKIERS with Disability Snowsport UK -

- PENGUIN CONSERVATION IN THE WILD with The South African Foundation

- YAKS FOR TIBETAN NOMADS with The Tibet Foundation -

- THIRD POLE with The International Tibet Network -

“The Tibetan Plateau needs protecting not just for Tibetans, but for the environmental health and sustainability of the entire world” H.H. THE DALAI LAMA

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