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Working For A Peaceful Earth

Climb for Tibet - Tess Burrows

Welcome to Climb for Tibet

Our Mission is to focus on the potential for peace and environmental harmony on our planet, by carrying out climbs or treks, each one a pilgrimage to watch for the Earth; bringing together heart messages from thousands of individuals, making a difference both at an individual and a collective level.

Our patrons are His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Joanna Lumley OBE, Doug Scott CBE, Princess Helena Moutafian MBE, Uri Geller and Ivy Smith, all of whom are passionate about peace on our Earth.

Climb For Tibet gathers Peace Messages to speak out periodically from high places. This is in the manner of the long-held Tibetan tradition of Peace Messages on prayer flags flown from the highest places possible to blow in the winds, carrying prayers, hopes and wishes for the creation of a peaceful Earth. Please add your Peace Message here.

Over the last two decades Climb For Tibet has also raised charity funds of over £177,000 for educational, environmental and compassionate projects. The main focus has been to build much needed schools in Tibet. We are delighted that 6 schools were funded for under-privileged rural children who without help would have had no opportunity to learn to read and write… (100% of money donated goes to the projects -no admin. fees etc. are charged by us).

Dalai Lama - Climb for Tibet

Peace Climbs

We have already spoken out Peace Messages from:

* July 1998 – Chimborazo (6310 metres) Ecuador, in the Andes – the highest mountain in the world measured from the centre of the Earth.

* January 2000 – Aucanquilcha (6176 metres) Chile, in the Andes – the mountain closest to the sun at the turn of the Millennium.

* Summer 2001 – Tibetan Peace garden in London and then from special mountain sites in the Tibetan Himalayas 1) Kailas – a mountain highly sacred to many faiths which, it is said, amplifies prayer and is the place to plant deepest wishes for the Earth to effect their manifestation. 2) Shishapangma – the highest mountain completely in Tibet. 3) Everest – the world’s highest mountain above sea level.

* Summer 2003 – Mauna Kea (4205 metres), Hawai’i, in the Pacific – the tallest mountain in the world, measured from its base on the ocean floor.

* May 2004 – The C.N. Tower (553 metres) Toronto, Canada – the world’s tallest building (at that time)

* May 2005 – Finisterra, the end of the Camino de Santiago de Compostella.

* May 2006 – The 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole  *July 2006 – Tibetan Peace Garden in London

* January 2009 – The Geographic South Pole

* September 2011 – Kilimanjaro, Roof of Africa

* August 2012 – London during the Olympic Games

* September 2017 - Across the Himalayas, via the Karnali River, Nepal, into Tibet and the kora of Mt Kailas.

*September 2018 - Mount Olympus, Greece - legendary home of the Gods!

*May 2019 - UN Palais des Nations, Geneva    *July 2019 South Downs Way - for Climate Change

*March 2020 - La Grande Motte, France - for Climate Change. See news

* October 2021 - UN COP26, Glasgow - for Climate Change. See news

Peace Messages have been sent off from 6 principal zones of the Earth – Andes, Himalayas, Pacific, North Pole, South Pole and Africa, firing up a six-pointed ‘Star of Peace’ across the Earth

About Us

Tess Burrows | Adventurer - Author - Speaker

Tess Burrows

I am dedicated to the pursuit of World Peace and the healing of the Earth. I passionately believe that we are making a difference by collecting thousands of Pledges for the Environment and Messages of Peace to carry to the far corners of our planet.  This is in the long-held tradition of Himalayan prayer flags which are flown high to help bring peace and harmony to all beings. 

I was educated at Bedales School in Southern England and have a degree in ecological science from Edinburgh University. My early working life was as a forester growing trees on a farm in Australia. I returned as a single mother devoted to my three boys and experienced a life-changing moment when I knew it was time to ‘work for the Earth’. Subsequently I have undertaken many events for charity. These have included hanging a ‘Save Antarctica from mining’ banner on the Old Man of Hoy, an intercontinental U.N. climb on the Eiger and a protest climb on Rio’s Sugar Loaf to stop street children being murdered. Also cycling, running, walking, climbing and parachuting as a fundraiser for environmental, animal and educational projects. I enjoy being a healer in the White Eagle tradition, an inspirational speaker and a best selling author. Please visit our bookshop here

I have been featured in the national press as a 50 yr old living the life of a 20 yr old:  As a 60 yr old being the fittest I've ever been in my life:  And now in my 70s, still adventuring, and blessed with five beautiful grandchildren, my claim to fame is as the first and only grandmother to race to the South Pole!

Thank you to Robert Armstrong from Holistic Channel for the interview film about our journey to the North Pole and my work and philosophy:


Thank you to Gautam Lewis from Freedom in the Air for the interview film about our journey to the South Pole and my life thoughts:

Pete Hammond

Pete Hammond

I am dedicated to the work of speaking out Pledges for the Environment and Peace Messages (sent from all over the world) at high and extreme places and raising money to build schools for under privileged children in Asia and other charitable projects. 

I am now in my 70s but still rock climb, ski, run, cycle and mountain walk/climb. Many of these pastimes are carried out with one or more of my four children, Claire, Graeme, Caroline and Anna plus my partner Jane.

My business life was as an Insurance manager latterly running a large team. Now retired, I still occasionally instruct climbing and mountaineering and continue to enjoy the beautiful UK and Alpine mountain environment. I have in the past climbed in the Himalayas, Andes and summited most 4000 metre peaks in the Alps. Apart from the mountain scene I have been lucky enough to have cycled from Lands End to John O Groats, run several marathons, run 7x 80 mile South Downs Way challenges and walked across Scotland from west to east twice climbing various Munros along the way. The various Climb for Tibet challenges completed with Tess are noted above.

I still love undertaking new challenges and raising awareness of the plight of the Tibetans.

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