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20 years of Peace Climbs!!

Tess Burrows
Nov 28, 2018

To celebrate twenty years of working for PEACE I'm excited to announce the arrival of the beautiful 20th anniversary edition of my best-selling book "Cry From The Highest Mountain".

This tells of the beginning of the ‘Climb For Tibet’ story – my dream, as one small human being, to make the world a better place. It is how our  first Peace Climb on Chimborazo in Ecuador happened. It nearly cost me my life. But I learned that all the strength I need is there, if I believe in myself.

Armed with this knowledge I kept going. Twenty years on, tens of thousands of individuals of all ages have sent Peace Messages – the little girl who promised not to  fight with her brother and changed the atmosphere of her family; the African man who pledged to plant trees which brought food and shelter; and the thousands who sent prayers to help others - people power making a difference, at all levels.

These Peace Messages have been carried to far, high spots, and spoken out like Tibetan prayer  flags spreading blessings on the wind. I’ve journeyed extensively across the world with ‘Climb For Tibet’ team members. We’ve lit beacons of peace at the North and South Poles, in the Himalayas, the Andes, the Pacific and in Africa, creating a six-pointed star of peace – a grid of lighten compassing the planet.

Along the way, over £150,000 has been raised for practical charity projects, for building six Tibetan schools and other humanitarian and environmental ventures – much of this through the sale of my four books. Yes, still there is much work to do. Still the Tibetan people is heavily oppressed. Still there is disrespect for our Earth. Still there are wars.  The cry for peace is as urgent as ever. And yet now, as the peace juggernaut revs up, there is a critical mass of people who know we can’t turn away from the responsibility of looking after our Earth. My belief is that ‘Climb For Tibet’ has contributed to turning the corner, and that at last there is enough positivity and love to hold the whole in balance. That the daily diet of horrendous reported news is merely the clearing out of the old. That this is an exciting time to be alive. That we’re heading into a time of peace and harmony! We just have to hold our nerve, think of humanity and our Earth as one interconnected entity, and keep working on the love.

The young Tibetan hero of this story, Migmar,  says the climb was his life’s most significant milestone, exciting and meaningful, and it has given him the courage to cope with the hardships and challenges that life brings.

My hope is that you may also draw courage and inspiration to face life’s ongoing challenges from the pages of this book.

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