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Between worlds

Tess Burrows
Apr 19, 2023

Transitioning between worlds can be tough for a while- whether from work to home, one relationship to another,  one country to another, or even from one state of mind to the next...

I have just returned to England from two and a half months in the French Alps. At first the change was difficult. I was disconnected from myself - simply not present, not wanting to be here, brain-dead after 20 hours on the bus  (though the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to travel!)

But then I started being more aware - noticing the first geese fly-pass of the year, the welcoming sound of songbirds, marvelling at insects, fresh greenness shouting, the bright colour of daffodils and primroses, the steadfastness of trees, buds budding in the gentleness of spring fit to burst...

It was a world away from the magnificence of the mountains - the intenseness of beauty, the supreme elation of throwing oneself down a snowy slope, the sheer joy of being allowed to be part of something so overwhelmingly big and powerful.

Here on the last day I had made my peace pledges from the top of the highest point, la Grande Motte... "To come back stronger, to write a new book, and to keep working to help humanity and our Earth to be more in harmony and thus stronger" - sacred promises.

Just as I was leaving, the mountains had responded with a precious reminder from brother eagle soaring above... "See the higher perspective... carry the strength of the high mountains into the lower plains... hold the strength from one world into the next... "

As my therapist son pointed out to me "It's when our worlds change that we notice things; even though it can be a lot for the heart to process."

Good to take note of the gap between worlds.

So, let us be ready for all the changes necessary as we move from the old world into the coming golden age. If we each play our part in a positive, mindful and loving way it will be beautiful - all things are possible. The one thing that is certain is that change is upon us.

Prepare for change...

- with thanks to Tina Hildrey for her beautiful photo "within the light of the mountains"

- and thanks to for their brilliant coach service direct from London to the snow and back - consistently caring for their passengers - You are the best!!

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