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Footsteps for Peace

Tess Burrows
Nov 25, 2020

This week "Footsteps for Peace" has arrived in Antarctica!

The World Peace Flame organisation launched this lovely initiative on 21st Sept this year, UN international day of Peace - a virtual walk for peace, 25,000 miles around the planet. Participants leave peace wishes and pledges along the way, spreading peace and kindness with their footprints. (See

Buntu Penguin, ambassador for peace, joined me in welcoming everyone to his ancestral home.

His cousin Gaius Penguin had carried the World Peace Flame with me to the South Pole a decade ago on the South Pole Race, bringing thousands of Peace Messages to the Earth's axis. The axis marker is set apart from the famous ceremonial Geographic South Pole and is reset to the exact location every January. For being on a glacier the South Pole ice and everything on it moves at approx 10 metres a year...

We are reminded, as our world spins ever onwards around its axis, of the bigger natural systems governing the home on which we all live and depend. And of the need for respect and harmony. We are reminded to tread softly upon our Earth.

There are indications that the chaos of these times has at last brought about a raised awareness, by a critical mass, of the need to work together with all people and all beings for survival and for the greater good of all. How many times have you heard this week "No-one is safe until we are all safe"?

And it's wonderful to feel our planet responding - giving off a new sense of stillness and peace - responding to this awakening of understanding that all beings are interconnected and dependent on each other, which even the climate change emergency had not yet brought about...

Let us help our world by treading softly!

tread softly...

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