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Honouring Peace Workers

Tess Burrows
Jan 19, 2020

Today on the International Day of UN Peacekeepers we honour peace workers and offer gratitude for the many world-wide initiatives quietly bringing peace to our planet.

We particularly thank Peace Penguins! - stories of which can be found in my adventure books. The tradition of penguins working for peace was pioneered by Yannick Penguin. One of his early Peace Climbs was to the point nearest the sun at the turn of the Millennium, on the Chile/Bolivian border. He was part of the Climb ForTibet team that placed the World Peace Flame lantern and a sacred Peace Vase at this special place at this special time -

see examples of excellent peace work at and

Yannick Penguin went on to write a popular book about his adventures - "Soft Courage", depicting the positive attributes that he found through his life's challenges. It's loved by readers of all ages. Many wonderful comments come in eg:-

"Hi, I'm reading your book,"Soft Courage", to two of my children every night when they go to bed. One is autistic so we can only read a few pages at a time and we get to talk about the meaning behind Yannick's explanation of life.  
I just wanted to say a massive thank you! The hope and courage that its adding to my littles ones worlds is nothing short of miraculous ... To be sending them off to sleep every night with the words of such ability and encouragement is making them stronger and I love it. Thank you for being a beautiful change in the world, thank you for all you do and thank you for influencing both my children and myself." W.M.C.

"Yannick makes me feel brave" Elsie age 10

May everyone find all the Soft Courage they need to help bring peace to our world...

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