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How Can We Help Peace?

Tess Burrows
May 7, 2022

The Light from the World Peace Flame shone bravely in the shelter of a hut at the summit of the Palafour Full Moon Climb this month in the French Alps. Here our small group of cold climbers shared heartfelt Peace Messages, and flew Tibetan prayer flags sending blessings to all. It was the Spring Equinox -a time of harmony and hope. We were determined to do something to help Peace in our world.

We wondered how we as individuals can help the way of the world...

For we are not helpless bystanders - but powerful!

And what each one of us thinks, says and does makes a difference, as we are all interconnected via the greater consciousness. I like to see this as 'energy soup' all around and through us- and each being as a tiny drop, separate yet part of the whole.

We affect the whole by the thoughts we give out... eg "All is well" or "I can do this"...

We affect the whole by the words we say... eg "I am there for you" or "lots of love"...

We affect the whole by the actions we take eg by consuming food or fuel in a non-violent way...

We are never isolated. Always part of the whole.

The day of the Full Moon Climb we saw a golden eagle soaring magnificently on a mountain thermal... and were reminded of viewing life from a higher perspective:-

- To see beyond the sadnesses of the daily news

- To see a human world with hearts opening with compassion

- To see a world appreciating that to work together benefits all

A few days later we skied with an international group, including Russians and Ukrainians, reaching out to the far corners of the Tignes/Val D'Isere ski area for Peace. And we experienced that working together with similar heart intentions is uplifting and can create something greater than the sum total of the parts.

Let us each be mindful of making a difference in our daily lives with our thoughts, words and actions... and adding to the Light.

Some of our Peace Messages:-

"Peace and Love conquers all"

"All are loved and held in Light"

"I wish for compassion to be a natural face without having to go through sorrow and grief"

"Peace on Earth and goodwill"

"I'm sure the atrocities happening at the moment are bringing the world together to think about others as One"

"Peace and the restoration of democracy in Ukraine"

"Let us reach higher than we believe we are capable of..."

"When Zelenskyy was inaugurated as a world leader he told his lawmakers 'I do not want my picture in your offices, the president is not an icon, an idol, or a portrait. Hang your kids photos instead and look at them each time you are making a decision'"

'Let us follow the principles of jante"

"Lots of love to all"

"May our efforts today shine the Light of compassion from our hearts to areas of conflict, that the family of humanity may work together for Peace - Peace with each other and harmony with all beings"

a higher perspective...

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