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Inspiration from the Dalai Lama

Tess Burrows
Oct 6, 2016

It was a privilege to see the Dalai Lama in Rotterdam on the 25th anniversary of his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. His humble yet wonderfully wise words as always touched thirsty hearts:

My spiritual peer is every person in the world.

We are each one of us the same – brothers and sisters within the human family – each wanting happiness and not suffering. But we create our own causes of suffering – not, as we so often believe, outside conditions. So we can do something about this – by watching our emotions which often give us worry and stress and are the real destroyers of our inner peace.

Let us try and avoid negative actions. And wish for others to be free from suffering. Let us communicate at a heart to heart level with no more violence or concept of “we” and “they”, but rather think in terms of “our” common interests. Problems come from too much stress on differences. Think of the oneness of 7 billion people. It is a matter of survival.

Let us teach our children love, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion. Let them see it in us. Let all religious traditions live happily alongside one another. For all sentient beings have the right to live peacefully. Let us go beyond national boundaries to solve global problems.

Warm-heartedness is the answer – heralding the new thinking of humanity in this, THE CENTURY OF PEACE, creating a better healthier world… So as peaceful life starts with the individual, what, as global citizens, can we each do?

Work on your own peace of mind, the major factor for good health – even more important than what we eat; Use compassion as the antidote for fear and hate – this will give inner strength; Share what you have- do not leave anyone out; Think about how your lifestyle is helping the Earth; Commit to social justice and stand up for those not free – do not be silent; Help make changes through your actions. And aspire to a better world…

what is the major factor for good health?

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