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Journey of Hope

Oct 5, 2021

8th October is the date that our Pedalling For A Bright Future team  - Granny Tess, Eco-aunt Rima and 13 yr old School-girl Elsie - start to cycle 600 miles to Glasgow. We are heading to COP26 the UN Climate Summit gathering, set to determine the future of our world.

We leave from Runnymede on the outskirts of London - the site of the ancient yew tree that saw the signing of the Magna Carta. Here we will present to the present-day Mayor the hundreds of signatures that we have collected far and wide from individuals signing the Peace Treaty with the Earth... each promising to "Respect the Rights of Nature in creating a sustainable Earth for future generations". This in is keeping with the Terra Carta which Prince Charles is championing with commitments from businesses.

Like the Climate Action Pledges we carry, these are all expressions of the intentions of people across the world working together to restore our natural systems and repair the damage humanity has done over the last few decades... decades of taking from the Earth. We herald the time of giving-back to achieve harmony. We are all on this same journey of hope...

We can do it!

Pledges from the children inspire us

For the next 21 days we will cycle across the land northwards to Glasgow.

You can follow our progress on

And here sponsor us via our three charities

And make you Climate Action Pledge...

Most importantly, we'd love you to join us in a quiet moment on Sunday 31st Oct at midday. We shall be speaking out the pledges and flying them from the Tree of Hope in Glasgow. Please focus-in with positive vibrant thoughts and prayers to uplift the process of COP26, so that discussions and decisions by world leaders and their teams can be made in the spirit of the greater good. This is a vital thing we can all contribute to...and will help create a bright future for all beings.

C'mon...  We can do it!

We can do it...

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