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Renewal for our Earth

Tess Burrows
May 10, 2020

If we, the family of humanity, can truly believe that our beautiful Earth will renew, then my understanding is that it will. For this will set the intention for our actions to help it take place. We will move away from making unnatural decisions based on money and greed (including the corporate billions spent on anti-Climate Change lobbying) and towards those based on respect, caring and compassion...

Each one of us makes the difference.

Here in Tignes in the French Alps we have just had an event to collect pledges for action on Climate Change - 300 children and adults have written down a promise to help the Earth in some way in their individual lives. These pledges will be carried on skis up to the highest place here and spoken out onto the mountain winds...

It has prompted me to think about the power of renewal. Two months ago I managed to cut off the end of my right thumb (allbut, it was hanging off!) whilst undertaking the dangerous challenge of putting up a table! Being very right-handed the consequences weren't easy.  Thumbs are quite useful! However helpful actions were taken - like sewing it back on! - And now after all the pain and frustration, the ghastly-looking gunge that appeared on top has dropped away and underneath a beautiful new thumb has grown... and I see the miracle of renewal.

As we move into Spring, and Nature works the miracle of renewal, let us remember that underneath the ghastly-looking gunge across the world... behind the clouds... renewal is waiting... and we can welcome it...

behind the clouds...

With big thanks to photographers Jill Brittlebank and Sev Harkess

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