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Skiing in the Dark

Tess Burrows
Jan 30, 2019

When did you last think "I feel SO ALIVE!", allowing your senses to express themselves, letting the beauty around you creep into your soul?  

Take skiing in the dark...

The January full moon climb in Tignes in the French Alps involved skinning up 600 vertical metres to the top of Toviere with Jim, Trevor and Tina. We held the intention of harmony for our Earth. The Earth responded with an etherial light glistening from the snow on the mountains all around, expressing strength, grandeur, enormity... The extraordinary liquid silver full moon tempted us onwards, from the nervousness of the edge of the adventure and the joy of sharing it with friends...We were daring to push out our limits. On the ski down I felt filled up with wonder. Befriending the harshness of the cold and the dark, we had touched on the smallness of humankind, but held ourselves close to the stars in the sky - privileged to have found the magic.

Then there was the 'Big Up and Down' night skinning event in Les Arcs on 26th jan; with the mingled feel of the start of a marathon, scores of people tearing off on skis 300 vertical metres up to the summit party. Along with Team Tignes members Alex and Tina, we held the intention of the bringing of people together for the greater good. And we had fun. It wan't until the ski down again just with the team, that I found the space to enjoy the orange lights of Les Arcs far below, the snow nestled on the tree branches and the deep sense of the natural kingdom we were part of - infused with the magic again.

I felt the satisfaction of time well spent, life's beauty in my heart, the seeds of joy in the palms of my hands.

Find a way to the magic moments... Whatever works for you... lest boredom sneaks up unawares and closes down life's richness and colours. Free the senses!!!

Free The Senses...

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