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Talks by Tess Burrows

Tess Burrows
Oct 20, 2023


1/ Grannies can do anything!

Telling the story of racing across the Antarctic to the South Pole in 2009 against fit young men like Ben Fogle and James Cracknell, Tess explains how as pensioners she and her partner found having a really big reason for doing something can make impossible things possible.

2/ Africa’s long way up

If you wanted to send off messages of peace from the six corners of the planet, you’d include Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and add the ancient voice of the Maasai. Nice and easy. Unless that is like Tess you thought it might be a useful symbolic gesture to put the messages in a tyre and pull that up to 6,000 metres.

3/ The Camino de Santiago (N.Spain)

The idea was that by taking this stunning 550 mile training walk the brain would think it a synch to then walk only 400 miles across the Arctic. That was before Tess realised blisters and pain were an important part of a pilgrimage designed to show life’s lessons.

4/ Beautiful Tibet

Travelling through the loveliness and heartbreak of this lost country, including the joy of being able to perambulate the sacred Mount Kailas in the time-honoured way, Tess highlights the inspiration it has given her working for peace in the world.

5/ Adventures of a lady and a penguin

Amazing what penguins can take on these days! Like jumping out of a plane, hanging on rock-faces for days on end, bicycling the lengths of a country, tackling the point furthest from the centre of the Earth. All to make a difference for humanity. If it hadn’t been for the disaster…

"I was delighted to hear your talk again about your trek to the South Pole....great photos and a charming, interesting and thoroughly entertaining presentation." Jennifer Radford

"What a truly exceptional speaker and human being. Held our WI members completely enthralled! Cannot recommend highly enough" Linda Amarnani

"I am totally in awe with what you have done and what you have achieved whilst doing it! Your talk was really excellent, very interesting, and just crazy!" Sarah Fairbairn

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