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Tree Of Light

Tess Burrows
Jun 16, 2022

We were there!

The historic concert at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Auntie Carrot and I represented 'Pedalling For A Bright Future' - honoured to be invited by the charity WWF, following our  work for Climate Change.

It was wonderful to be there to experience the tangible jubilation of thousands of humans sending joy out into the world, watched on TV by more than a billion people.

Beside the dazzling performances of all manner of celebrities stood a beautiful tree - a giant sculpture, shining with changing coloured lights. It carried 350 baby trees hanging in pots planted by school children, later to be given homes around the country.

This tree of trees was illuminated as the first jubilee beacon sending light across the world. It spear-headed the Queen's Green Canopy project inviting people to plant a tree for the jubilee -really planting a tree for humanity - a vital part of regenerating our home planet following the ravages of Climate Change. We , all 7 billion of us, can be part of this process... Planting a tree being one small way to contribute.

Sir David Attenborough, his image thrown across the Palace along with those of spectacular habitats and wildlife, spoke to remind us that we can put right the damage, restore the wild places and create a brighter future...

Prince William also spoke for our natural world... of the urgent need to protect and regenerate, a cause impressively taken up by young people. But, he stressed, by working together there is always hope.

Yes, the way to help lead humanity, past that which is broken, into the bright new world - the coming golden age - is, like the tree of light, with regeneration and hope... and to raise our vibration with joyful celebration.

Joyful celebration!!

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