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Writing time

Tess Burrows
Feb 27, 2023

I'm excited to be writing my 6th book!  - My 6th grandchild has just been born, so it is dedicated to him. His birth has redoubled my resolve to keep working for a brighter future for humanity.

The book is based on my experience running up the world's tallest mountain, in Hawai'i in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, written in fiction for youngsters and the young at heart, in a similar vein to my 5th book "Don't Blame the Yeti".

The story tells of dolphins and natural magic and children going beyond what they think possible, as they make a difference for the planet.

Granddaughter Elsie creating the new world

I ran up the tallest mountain in 2003. This is Mauna Kea - a volcano which starts 5,000 metres below the ocean and rises 4,205 above, making it just a bit taller than Everest (8,848).

Like all our other Peace Climbs, it involved gathering personal Peace Messages from thousands of individuals to speak out from a far high point of the planet, in the manner of Tibetan prayer flags sending peace and harmony to all beings.

Above the clouds atop Mauna Kea

At the time resident dolphins were asked, via a Native Hawaiian ceremony, to take the Peace Message essence to that part of the mountain we couldn't reach - that below sea-level.

On returning home I found myself writing words from the dolphins, promising to speak for them. Now surely is the time to honour that promise. For Native Hawaiian legend has long told that dolphins hold knowledge and wisdom for humanity which will be revealed when people open their hearts to respect the Earth in a quest for survival.

The writing is in the early stages of creation...

With warm thanks to Heather Golding for her beautiful painting depicting the way of the dolphin

Heather was a friend of the late Dr Horace Dobbs who founded International Dolphin Watch ( made films and documentaries and was the author of many books. He was particularly fascinated by the healing relationship between dolphins and humans.

When Horace first heard Heather's music he said he felt she was bringing the dolphins through her singing to people who could not get to them. She has recorded two albums which you can listen to on her website. -

Creating the new world...

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Tess Burrows
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